“Politerm” Ltd. was established in March 1992 in the city of Shumen. The initial production activity of  “Politerm” Ltd. begins with production of domestic heating appliances and industrial electric heaters.

Since 2000 the scope of activity is design, manufacture, repair, reconstruction and modernization of electric industrial furnaces. The business scope is the design and manufacture of industrial heating elements. The company headquarters is in the city of Shumen. Production base and address of operational administration – production administrative building on Tsvetan Zangov 15 str. 9700 – city of Shumen, Bulgaria.


Our staff consists of professionals in the field of designing and manufacturing of electric industrial furnaces and industrial heating elements that can provide flexible technical solutions at competitive international prices.


The company designs and manufactures a wide range of thermal equipment by technical task from the customer.

The main products and services that “Politerm” Ltd. manufactures and performs are in the following areas:

I. Production of industrial furnaces and aggregates:

  • Heat treatment furnaces:

– Chamber furnaces;
– Shaft furnaces;
– Conveyor furnaces ;
– Bell-type furnaces;
– Furnaces with rotating floor /carousel furnaces/;
– Holding furnaces;
– Tunnel furnaces;
– Melting furnaces;
– Laboratory furnaces;
– Drying furnaces;

  • Salt baths;
  • Heat treatment plants /lines/ .

II. Production of electrical heating elements:

  • Heating elements in radiant tubes;
  • Metallic heating elements;
  • Tubular heating elements;
  • Heating elements for galvanizing baths.

III. Repair, reconstruction and modernization of existing thermal equipment;

In the sphere of activity of “Politerm” Ltd. is set warranty service and maintenance. Thanks to the mobile organizational structure and equipment, the company offers emergency repairs carried out by highly qualified teams with very short deadlines.

Production Base

We have a complete production and technical equipment necessary for the full execution of the company’s activities. For carrying out all production processes “Politerm” Ltd. uses own production base, including mechanical section, mounting section and section for the production of electrical panels and industrial heating elements. The company has its own indoor warehouse and administrative offices.