Universal Chamber Furnaces


Furnaces of this type are intended for thermal and chemical-thermal treatment of steel parts in adjustable atmosphere. They may be used for annealing, hardening, gas carbonitriding, gas carburization, gas nitrocarburization and other processes that require heating of the parts in the temperature range from 450 ° C to 950 ° C.


The furnace consists of working (heating) chamber, pre-chamber with hardening tub and movable manipulator.
The furnace casing is welded type and is made of sheet and shaped steel sheets.
The thermal insulation is made of chemically neutral and resistant to various gas environments light-weight refractory bricks and concrete, vacuum formed refractory elements, felts and mats.
The heating elements in radiant tubes made of new high quality resistance alloys, are arranged appropriately in the working chamber.
To ensure constant circulation of the atmosphere inside the working chamber, the furnace is equipped with a fan.
To the working chamber is attached a pre-chamber with hardening bath, fitted with a two-level sliding table, allowing both to perform hardening of details from the previous heating cycle and charging of new details in the furnace.
Working chamber is separated from the pre-chamber with thermally insulated door.
The liquid in the hardening bath is circulating and cooled in a special heat exchanger through the pressure unit.
A movable manipulator transports the grills with details to the furnace and inside its individual chambers, through special mechanisms with electromechanical actuator.
Shielding gas and gaseous carborizers are submitted to the furnace through inlets placed on the side wall of the working chamber. Purging of the furnace with neutral gas is carried through tubes located at the bottom of working chamber.
Control of the temperature in the working chambers is carried out by a microprocessor programmable PID – temperature regulator, sensing the signal directly from standard thermocouples.
Electrical switchboards are designed for power and control of the furnace with operating voltage according to the design and the control of the thermal processes. The electrical switchboards provide appropriate control and protection of the circuits and automation, providing the required security.
The electrical resistance furnaces and respectively the switchboards for powering and management work with three-phase mains voltage (380 V) – to power the load chain and 250 V for control circuits (command and protective circuits related to the safety).
Available furnaces of this type are made in accordance with the technical assignment of the client and in accordance with the requirements of the technology for heat treatment of the products.