Holding Furnaces


Furnaces of this type are intended to contain molten aluminum and its alloys at a temperature up to 780 ° C.


The casing is made of sheet and structural steel.

Thermal insulation of the lid:

The refractory layer of the lid is made of light-weight bricks, heels and wedges. The heat insulation layer is made of slabs. In the openings for placement of the heaters are mounted ceramic tubes.

Thermal insulation of the bath:

The refractory layer of the bath is made of dense refractory concrete. The heat insulation layer is made of slabs.
The heating elements made of resistive wire Nikrothal, are arranged horizontally in the lid of the furnace.
To prevent overheating of the heaters are provided standard thermocouples located between the heaters.
For controlling the temperature of the metal is provided a thermocouple immersed in the metal and positioned in the opening for abstraction.
Electrical switchboards are designed for power and control of the furnace with operating voltage according to the design and the control of the thermal processes. The electrical switchboards provide appropriate control and protection of the circuits and automation, providing the required security.
The electrical resistance furnaces and respectively the switchboards for powering and management work with three-phase mains voltage (380 V) – to power the load chain and 250 V for control circuits (command and protective circuits related to the safety).
Available furnaces of this type are made in accordance with the technical assignment of the client and in accordance with the requirements of the technology for heat treatment of the products.