Laboratory Furnaces


Laboratory furnaces represent an electric resistance chamber furnaces and are designed for different thermal processes in manufacturing companies, laboratories, research institutes and schools. They can be used at operating temperatures up to 1000 ° C.


The casing is designed from sheet and structural steel in square shape.
The thermal insulation is made of chemically neutral and resistant to various gas environments light-weight refractory bricks, vacuum formed refractory elements, mats and special protective coatings.
The heating elements are made of new high quality resistance alloys and are arranged thoroughly over the whole surface of the furnace chamber. In the furnace is performed tripartite heating, and the heater of the furnace bottom is covered with SIC plate.
The temperature is controlled by a thermocouple.
The furnace has a safety system in case of opening the door.

Available laboratory furnaces are made in accordance with the technical assignment of the client and in accordance with the requirements of the technology for heat treatment of the products.