Heating Elements in Radiant Tubes

The heating elements in radiant tubes are designed for work in electric furnaces and lines with the use of protective or regulated atmosphere and a maximal working temperature up to 1100 °С.
The use of new electric resistance alloys of Kanthal, high quality ceramic materials and innovative technological solution provide for the reliable work of the heating elements.
A great advantage of the heating elements is their easy adjustment to the existing power supply and connection scheme.
The heating elements in radiant tubes manufactured by us are of diameter 70, 80, 90, 98, 110, 124, 132, 135, 154 and 170 mm and length up to 6000 mm.
At request we may produce elements with size and diameter different from those given above.
The heating elements are suitable for fitting in all types of radiant tubes, but for best performance and longer working life of the heating elements we recommend the Kanthal APM type radiant tubes.
The APM tubes have a longer life, excellent hot strength (temperatures up to 1250 °С), and superior oxide properties without scaling and impurities inside the tube. The tubes are supplied ready to install.
At request we may produce any heating element coupled with a suitable for it radiant APM tube.