Tunnel Furnaces


Furnaces of this type are designed for the thermal treatment of steel details in an oxidizing or protective atmosphere. They can be used for normalization, annealing and other processes that require heating of detail up to 1000 ° C.


It consists of loading mechanism, furnace, subtraction mechanism and return line for the empty trays.
The loading mechanism consisting of a frame, hydraulic cylinder and carriage with gripping devices ensuring the loading and movement of the grills with details in the furnace.
The construction of the furnace is welded, made of profiled and sheeted steel.
Subtraction mechanism, consisting of a frame, hydraulic cylinder and carriage with gripping devices ensures the removal of the grills with details from the furnace and its transport to the place of unloading.
The line for returning the empty trays is located laterally along the entire length of the furnace.
The execution of the furnace is for single breasted or double-breasted transportation of trays.
All operations performed when carrying out the technological process are mechanized and automated.
The heat insulation of the bath is made of chemically neutral and resistant to various gas environments light-weight refractory bricks, vacuum formed refractory elements, mats and rigs.
The heating elements made of new high quality resistance alloys, are arranged appropriately in the work space of the furnace.
The temperature is controlled by a microprocessor programmable PID regulators perceiving signal directly from standard thermocouples located in the working space of the furnace.
Electrical switchboards are designed for power and control of the furnace with operating voltage according to the design and the control of the thermal processes. The electrical switchboards provide appropriate control and protection of the circuits and automation, providing the required security.
The electrical resistance furnaces and respectively the switchboards for powering and management work with three-phase mains voltage (380 V) – to power the load chain and 250 V for control circuits (command and protective circuits related to the safety).
Available furnaces of this type are made in accordance with the technical assignment of the client and in accordance with the requirements of the technology for heat treatment of the products.